This tutorial will be on the origami crane! The origami that everyone thinks of when anyone mentions origami. You need a square piece of paper for this tutorial, if you do not have one. If you only have A4 Paper on hand, refer to here to prepare your paper.

Step 1

Fold another diagonal line to make an X on the square piece of paper.

Step 2

Pick one of the lines to be your center and fold the sides into that center line.

Step 3

Fold them down flat and the top will follow.

Step 4

Now, fold the left and right sides into the center. Flip over and do the same thing.

Step 5

Open up the front and your folds will cave in, the top will need a little help. Do it for both sides.

Step 6

Now that you have folded them upwards, fold the right flap to the left and flip over. On the opposite side, fold the right to the left again and it should resemble the image.

Step 7step 8

Now take hold of one of the top tips and pull it down till it is flush with the body like in the image.Do it for both sides

step 9

Once you have done the previous step with both sides, you should have something that resembles the image above.

step 10 step 11

Fold the flap pointing towards you upwards. Do it for both sides. Once you have done it for both sides, it should resemble the second image.

Step 12

Now pick one side that pointing left or right, that's going to be the head of the crane. To make the head, open the tip a little bit and push the tip downwards like in the picture.

Step 13

Now you're almost done! Just flip to the bottom and open up the 2 triangles a bit to create the legs.

Final Step

CONGRATULATIONS! You've made your very own origami crane!